Sixtree is Australia’s first and largest Mulesoft specialist, now with over a dozen successful customer engagements.

Sixtree’s interest in the Mule ESB was driven by the increasingly common requirement to integrate Cloud and on-premise applications. Encouraged by a lightweight runtime, mature testing framework and a healthy developer community, Sixtree established a strong partnership with MuleSoft in 2012.

Since then Sixtree has successfully delivered many MuleSoft projects at large customers across Australia, in a variety of sectors:

  • Software: Sixtree is using Mule ESB to help a global, enterprise software company migrate from an aging, tightly-coupled architecture to a modern software platform. We use Mule ESB to abstract and securely expose disparate application layers, enabling elegant horizontal scalability and a graceful migration to the cloud.

  • Education: Sixtree is responsible for the introduction of an Integration Competency Centre (ICC) at two major Australian universities. Based on Mule ESB, this platform has enabled broad SOA-based integration with a large number of legacy and newly introduced applications.

  • Automotive: Sixtree is responsible for integration strategy, architecture, design and end-to-end delivery at a major car manufacturer and retailer. Mule ESB is being used to implement the vision of a single view of customer across all aspects of the business.

  • Media: Sixtree is helping a large media conglomerate achieve its vision of a Composable Enterprise. The organisation is undertaking a cloud-oriented, best-of-breed IT strategy. Sixtree’s expertise, and MuleSoft’s CloudHub platform, are providing the basis for decomposing and recomposing these applications as needed to support business agility in this challenging vertical.

  • Foreign Exchange: Sixtree is enabling new market opportunities for a fast-growing Foreign Exchange business in Australia. Mule ESB is being used to integrate new trading platforms and market offerings into a very agile business environment.

Our work with these clients speaks for itself. Contact us and let us take you through some of what we’ve achieved. Of course, we’re always happy for you to talk frankly and openly to our clients too!

How we help

We provide a full range of services across the entire MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, including:

  • Architecture: We provide mature reference architectures to ensure your implementation aligns with your organisation’s business and IT requirements.

  • Delivery: Sixtree has experienced and certified developers who can ensure your design and development is a success. We pride ourselves on our development credentials and we can deliver using agile or traditional methodologies.

  • Standards & Governance: We can provide Best Practices, Flow Templates, Design Standards and Service Governance to ensure maintainability, testability and reliability of your MuleSoft investment.

  • Extension Modules: Logging, Exception Handling, Cross Referencing and Connectors to achieve enterprise-grade integration and operational excellence.

  • Continuous Integration: Robust dependency management, automated build, deployment and testing of MuleSoft implementations from check-in to production.

Sixtree can also speed up your delivery with confidence by providing many of the above services as pre-packaged offerings. We have put considerable effort into curating the best delivery practices, tools, templates and reference architectures and making them available to our clients. Of course, these can be customised (or completely bespoke!) as needed for each engagement.

Our Broader Platform

Sixtree recognises that an ESB is often part of a larger enterprise picture. As such, we’ve vetted and then partnered with the providers of complementary technologies to an ESB. These partner technologies have been carefully curated and then embraced within the Sixtree delivery methodology and accelerators. They include:

  • Red Hat software for messaging, rules, event processing and PaaS capabilities.

  • Elasticsearch technologies for operational intelligence and real-time insights from data in motion.

  • Alfresco and their Activiti BPM product for workflow, stateful orchestration and human task integration.