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Microservices with Apache Camel, Spring Boot and Docker

This is 2016. If you are still spending macro-efforts developing microservices, there is something seriously wrong. These days, there are plenty of tools and frameworks at the disposal of the discerning developer to rapidly build microservices.

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Jumpstarting Camel Blueprint Testing

Blueprint is a dependency injection framework specification for OSGi, standardized by the OSGi Alliance group. Apache Aries is one of the several implementations of this spec.

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A Groovy way to implement a JMS Request Response client using Camel

While working for one particular client we were under the particular constraint of not having access to the JMS management console (in this instance the ActiveMQ Console). So when it came time to test out integration workflows we needed a quick and easy way to call the SOAP over JMS services. The Sixtree folks are well versed in their Groovy scripting and came up with this awesome Groovy script:

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