Sixtree Wins MuleSoft Services Partner of the Year

Just four years ago (one year after Sixtree’s inception) we started to feel the mammoth shifts happening in the IT world that continue today. The big shifts were obvious — cloud, agile — but the impact on our customer base and the way we worked was only then becoming apparent.

In 2012, large enterprises (our traditional customers) were still very risk-averse, waterfall organizations with reliance on big multi-year integration projects with low levels of automation, low productivity and ultimately a low success rate. The cloud was an untrustworthy "wild west" and SOAP web services on top of proprietary ESB stacks were the mainstream.

We clearly saw that the traditional ways of doing integration were coming to an end. Those ways were not good for our customers and they weren’t good for us. The future was more open, more lightweight, more agile and the economics of cloud and SaaS would eventually win over the challenges of governance and security.

At Sixtree we wanted to bring new thinking and new methods to the conservative world of integration. We needed to reinvent ourselves. So we went back to bootcamp and skilled up on continuous delivery methods, on managing solutions on IaaS and we embraced the emerging world of REST APIs. In making these changes, we realised we needed new platforms and partners. We needed to embrace platforms that would run seamlessly on-premise and in the cloud. We needed platforms that worked well in the wider Java ecosystem and that could play nicely with modern digital protocols but not eschew the legacy systems we needed to extend.

One of the key platforms and partners we adopted was MuleSoft. In 2012 they had no footprint in the region and were relatively unknown. But their integration broker had a good architecture and a brand new user interface. More importantly, their view of the future aligned very well with ours. A future involving lightweight services, APIs, cloud platforms and software as a service. A future where all solutions are ultimately distributed, with all the benefits and challenges that brings.

We partnered with MuleSoft in 2012 and have never looked back. We’ve enjoyed using Anypoint as a robust and enterprise-ready integration platform that proves its mettle through all of the landscapes that we need to traverse. In the cloud, on-premise, at the digital API layer or in the core of your systems of record. Anypoint has helped us deliver on our agile integration vision.

Subsequent years have been a whirlwind ride for us, with more than 200 Anypoint implementations in production at more than 30 customers. We have over 50 trained and certified developers on Anypoint including multiple certified Anypoint trainers. We provide the only specialist Anypoint support in Australia & New Zealand.

So we are extremely pleased to be named as 2016 MuleSoft Services Partner of the Year for the Asia-Pacific region. We thank MuleSoft for their recognition of our skills and innovative use of their platform. We look forward to continuing a great partnership and pushing further boundaries ahead.

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