Sixtree Partners with Docker

At Sixtree we specialise in building distributed systems. Solutions that, by their nature, bridge information assets across boundaries to support end to end business processes. Today, the majority of information solutions are distributed and heterogeneous, and are shifting between on-premise and the cloud. This requires a standardized runtime platform that is independent of any particular technology, language or runtime environment.

Virtual machine management tools have provided some of these facilities for many decades, and have become ubiquitous in the last ten years. The last two years has seen a dramatic step-change with the popularity of containers over VMs as the preferred asbtraction, and Docker as the new standard platform.

Docker gives us exactly what we need for distributed solutions. The ability to package up a component along with its environment and dependencies is extremely powerful. Docker also provides a uniform interface and the ability to manage and monitor the operation of a container independent of the details inside.

This relatively simple abstraction affords a range of benefits:

  • Continuous Delivery is so much simpler with Docker because everything looks the same.
  • Deployment into runtime environments—cloud-based or on-premise—is likewise more simpler, more portable and more predictable.
  • Time to value is dramatically reduced by derisking environmental factors.
  • Logging, monitoring and other management concerns can be standardised and streamlined across unlimited numbers of containers.
  • Service management and discovery is facilitated by Docker's API, introspection tools and interoperability with distributed state management tools like Consul.

As Sohrab Hosseini describes in his “Dock Tales” series, Docker has become one of our standard tools for our continuous delivery framework and for our runtime platform.

More fundamentally Docker has become the standard, open platform for building and managing microservices. At the Sydney Microservices Meetup Yamen Sader recently described our microservices reference architecture, heavily based on Docker.

Given the amazing utility of Docker, and the benefits we have realised in multiple customer projects over the last twelve months, it is natural for us to formalize the position of Docker in our practice and to ensure that Docker is ready for enterprise “prime time.”

Just as we have done with other leading-edge open-source platforms, Sixtree is really excited to announce that we are now an official Docker Member partner. Over the last three years we have established leadership positions as premier Australian partners with MuleSoft, Elastic, Red Hat and Alfresco Activiti. Now adding Docker to that list steps it up another very significant level. It is still very early days for Docker and we look forward to sharing a thrilling journey.

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