Sixtree Partners With Red Hat

We recently talked about how open source software is at the core of our philosophy. Sixtree operates mostly in the enterprise domain and we still run into many different attitudes and preconceptions about open source software. But the industry is clearly past the tipping point and there are many enterprises and governments adopting an open source first purchasing policy. Twenty years of outsourcing responsibility and perceived risk has proved unsuccessful. Organizations are seeing more success, better value and higher quality in open source offerings. Not to mention a more sustainable licensing model that doesn't require high up-front costs before anything has been built yet.

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Without doubt the 900lb gorilla of the open source world is Red Hat Software. These days RHEL runs just about every server we touch. Growing from its roots as a Linux distro first released in October 1994, Red Hat is now a publicly listed company and the first open source software company with more than a billion dollars in revenue. Red Hat is also one of the open source leaders in the virtualization, cloud and PaaS domains that are now part of our daily ritual.

Sixtree is very pleased to announce that we are now a Red Hat Partner. We've been using Red Hat supported products such as AMQ, Drools and RHEL for a while now and this partnership formalises that relationship. It also gives us access to a range of other open source products in the middleware and cloud domains that play well in the enterprise. In return we'll be extending our methodologies and templates to encompass the products that best fit into our solution stack as well as offering services to the wide range of Red Hat customers in our region. 

We're very excited to be a part of the Red Hat ecosystem and we look forward to a great collaboration.

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