Panviva Builds SupportPoint Cloud with Microservices

Panviva is one of those innovative Australian companies that just gets things done. Panviva originated Business Process Guidance and their SupportPoint platform is relied upon by more than 200,000 users across 37 countries.

Today Panviva announced the formalization of their agreement with MuleSoft to embed the Anypoint Platform into the core of SupportPoint Cloud. The news has garnered strong interest from the IT Industry press.

We've been working with Panviva for several months to help realise their vision and our ongoing relationship has been extremely strong. 

Panviva's challenge was to take an existing product with an on-premise legacy architecture and refactor that into something which scales horizontally and takes advantage of cloud-native platforms. Such an undertaking obviously carries risk but opens up broad new business opportunities and delivery models. We were very pleased to work with Panviva on such a "game changing" initiative.

Anypoint supports Panviva in two critical dimensions. Internally, the SupportPoint product has been modularised to enable the major application components to be independently scaled and modified. The unit of modularization is the "Service API" that mediates communication between each of the modules. We've had a lot of experience at building this type of architecture, mostly at the enterprise level, but increasingly applications are being developed with a services architecture from the ground up. We know this as "Service Oriented Architecture" but the concept as applied within an application has become fashionable recently as "microservices" architecture. Although this name is controversial, whatever you call it we still think it's a great way to build scalable, reliable and adaptable systems.

Anypoint also brings external integration capability to SupportPoint. The requirements of Business Process Guidance extend beyond a single platform into other information assets such as content management systems, customer relationship management systems and customer service systems. With Anypoint's wide range of connectors, "SupportPoint Cloud is able to connect to virtually any other application and make it easy for users to integrate SupportPoint Cloud with other products and standards."

Congratulations to Panviva and we look forward to some exciting new milestones in the future.

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