Sixtree partner Panviva is officially cool!

Sixtree is extremely pleased to announce that our close partner, Panviva, is officially 'Cool'! Impressed with their flagship Business Process Guidance product 'SupportPoint', Gartner have listed Panviva as a Cool Vendor for 2014.

According to Michelle Cantara, Research VP at Gartner, "Cool Vendors are a signal of what's to come: they show what’s possible in terms of technology, different approaches and different business models."

Sixtree has been working with Panviva for some time now, helping with a major transformation to build their new generation SupportPoint Cloud release. SupportPoint Cloud leverages a micro-services architecture to provide a highly scalable, web-based, multi-tenant platform. Designed to be natively cloud-deployable, SupportPoint Cloud sees Panviva move to the SaaS world while still supporting both on-premise and hybrid-cloud deployments. This was one of the features that Gartner highlighted in their report on what makes Panviva 'Cool'.

We wrote recently about the internal architecture of SupportPoint Cloud and how Mule ESB underpins the services architecture - supporting the modularization of the platform and its ability to differentially scale components according to demand. SupportPoint Cloud is a highly integrated platform with rich and extensible REST and SOAP based APIs. To be honest, for the geeks here at Sixtree, it's been a lot of fun!

Recognition of this nature is hard to come by, especially in this part of the world, so Sixtree is extremely proud to have helped Panviva achieve such a notable accolade. We look forward to our developing partnership and some exciting new innovations we have planned!

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