MuleSoft Summit Sydney 2014

Congratulations to our partners MuleSoft for running another excellent MuleSoft Summit in Sydney yesterday and congratulations for drawing a record crowd!

We were treated to some great presentations from the MuleSoft team, spearheaded by Ross Mason, Founder and Reza Shafii, Senior Director of Product Management. Ross gave a wide ranging discussion about the "New Enterprise" and the different forces at work: the challenges of getting the right internal systems architecture to enable agility, the benefits and challenges of consuming or providing SaaS services and the coming juggernaut of connected "things."

We were treated to a lot of valuable information and demonstrations of the Anypoint Platform for APIs. The RAML API specification language has many powerful features and with its increasing adoption in the community we think it has a lot of potential to address many of the API design challenges that developers and architects are facing.

Sixtree was particularly pleased to see three of our customers present their own stories. Deakin University talked about their ongoing journey from a point-to-point "spaghetti" architecture to a cohesive platform of services that that will support their ambitions. The timing for this story was fortuitous, coming off the back of brilliant independent validation of this effort.

Toyota Australia spoke about their integration efforts and provided some insight into the role that Mule ESB plays in Toyota Link an innovative suite of in-car apps that integrate with mobile devices.

Panviva showed how Mule ESB provides a service oriented architecture to their SupportPoint product that allows them to partition and scale SupportPoint to provide higher levels of scalability, a cloud-native architecture and a range of future integration and expansion options.

It is only two years since we attended our first MuleSoft Summit with twenty people in the room and we find now that the local community has grown exponentially. We're looking forward to another great Summit next year.

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