APIdays Sydney - Call for Speakers

APIdays Sydney continues to build momentum and we've recently updated the event website to reflect our current list of speakers and sponsors. Keep an eye on this because there are more to come.

We have more than a dozen speakers already confirmed for both technical and business streams including Kin Lane, The API Evangelist and Tom Quinn, CIO of News Corp Australia.

APIdays Sydney is the first Australasian conference dedicated to APIs and we want to include everyone. There is still room for more speakers and you can add your name to the list by answering our Call for Speakers.

APIdays is not just about the mechanics of web APIs but about the wide range of business and technology opportunities that they open up. Liberate then Innovate is all about using APIs to liberate the services, data and events that are currently locked up within our organizations and leveraging those as a platform for innovation.

Some of the business subjects we'd like to hear about include:

  • Digital Transformation Strategies using APIs
  • API Driven Marketplaces
  • The Composable Enterprise
  • Mobility Solutions for Customers and Employees
  • Global Products and Services
  • Open Government
  • Open Data
  • Connected Health
  • API Community Management
  • Monetization
  • Business Case-studies

On the technical side there are a rich variety of topics:

  • API Design
  • API Management
  • Hypermedia
  • User Experience
  • API Versioning
  • Testing & Validation
  • Security and OAuth
  • Back-end Architecture - scalability, resilience, visibility
  • API Platforms - IaaS, PaaS, iPaaS, Containers
  • Languages & Frameworks for both back-end and front-end
  • Push and Asynchronous APIs, including Reactive extensions
  • Microservices
  • API Consumption, Coordination and Integration
  • Technical use-cases: IoT, Big Data, Connected Cars, HealthTech & Wearables

If this list inspires you or even better if you have your own ideas your next destination is easy.

APIdays Sydney

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