A Busy Day at InfoQ

I have two articles published in InfoQ today. The temporal coincidence is quite by accident, but they both represent trends that I find very interesting.

The first is a news story about the recent OEM deal between SAP and Apigee. I was fascinated earlier this year when Microsoft acquired APIphany and absorbed it into Azure. This was the first time a cloud provider offered embedded API management. If you think about a PaaS in particular, its only real interface is an API and so it makes sense that API management would be a key ingredient of any PaaS. Five months later, SAP appears to be echoing that thought. I predict that all PaaS providers will offer API management of some form and that AWS will have something before the end of the year.

The other article is a virtual panel that took a little while to put together. API management has been one of the big IT stories in our part of the world. Its ancestor, SOA governance on the other hand has been quite moribund. I invited two vendors who have been talking about convergence recently—SOA Software and WSO2. Their stance is not surprising since these organizations have their origins in SOA governance. The other vendor, Apigee is a pure-play API management platform and I enjoy their somewhat contrarian outlook on SOA. In general I think that the convergence of SOA and APIs will provide good lessons and better outcomes for both.

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