Sixtree open-sources Mule Connector for Xero

Cloud adoption and Software-as-a-Service is one of the most significant changes in the IT world today. Businesses are moving to the cloud to take advantage of lower costs, sustainable charging models, workload elasticity and new delivery models among other benefits. New SaaS businesses are springing up all over the cloud delivering services via APIs - standalone functionality meant for the consumption, integration and combination into business workflows. One of the most successful SaaS providers is Xero which provides online accountancy software and services to small and medium businesses. Sixtree is a Xero customer and we utilise their API in our day-to-day business.

MuleSoft with its Mule ESB platform, Cloudhub PaaS deployment model and Anypoint cloud connectors is well positioned to support SaaS integration in the new API economy. This is why Sixtree chose to partner with MuleSoft when our customers came to us looking for SaaS integration capabilities.

As part of our evaluation of Mule ESB we chose to do some internal projects that had meaning and impact to our own internal processes, so we built a Mule Connector for the Xero API using Mule's Connector SDK.

The process was very smooth and we were impressed by the ability of the SDK to take on much of the heavy lifting associated with consuming SaaS APIs. Particularly useful was the ability for the SDK to handle common security protocols such as OAuth, which let's face it, no one wants to do themselves.

We hope to be using the Xero Connector in more live projects very soon, but in the meantime we've open sourced the connector for everyone else to use. The connector is available on Sixtree's github site under the MIT licence. The starting point for documentation is the file in that github repository. A tutorial which demonstrates integration between Zuora and Xero using the Mule Zuora Connector is coming soon.

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