2013 Mule Summit

We're all a bit breathless from the Mule Summit in Sydney the other week, so please forgive the delayed posting.

The Summit ran over two days with the room filled to capacity, so purely in terms of attendance the Summit was a great success. I estimate about twice the attendees of the previous year and a good mixture of established users and people new to the platform.

The first day was mostly an overview of the new features in Mule 3.4 and a look at the product strategy and roadmap. This was led by Ross Mason, founder of MuleSoft and now the VP of Product Strategy alongside Reza Shafii, Director of Product Management.

Ross and Reza talked about the motivation for the Mule product roadmap being the "New Enterprise" - an enterprise that is no longer confined to the data centre. The New Enterprise is more open to the outside world thanks to cloud computing and the need to both provide and consume cloud services. Mobile computing is obviously a big driver and emerging close behind it is the "Internet of things."

Much of the discussion was around APIs and how Mule ESB and the new Anypoint platform helps to provide, consume and manage APIs. We got a look at the upcoming APIKit and API Manager as well as the recently released Service Registry.

The presentation on devices was illustrated by a demo of Mule running on a Raspberry Pi with its ARM processor. Reza and Ross showed Mule providing a "traffic light" API which switched a LED from red to green to yellow and cyan! It's early days yet but Ross told us they've got the Mule runtime down to 25MB and still have room to go.

Day 2 was a hands on developer day. Yamen Sader from Sixtree started things off by walking through one of our recent implementations and a discussion of design techniques to promote reliability and resiliency. An early morning on day 2 of a conference is always a challenge, but the audience was engaged and thinking. Yamen's presentation was followed by a hands-on workshop and by the end of the session everyone had built a solution in Mule and deployed it to Cloudhub.

So in summary, we all had a great time at Summit this year, got a good look at where the product is heading and got to mix with all the great people in the community. Thanks to Will Bosma and the team for organizing a great event. We're looking forward to next year.

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